Collaborative Farming

At Chula, we believe in the power of farming as a means of sustenance and a tool for social integration and empowerment. By leveraging the expertise of local farmers and the traditional knowledge of refugees and immigrants, we aim to build a sustainable and inclusive agricultural ecosystem while bringing high-quality agricultural products to consumers.

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How We Work


Chula facilitates partnerships between local farmers and refugees/immigrants, allowing them to combine their skills and resources to cultivate high-quality produce. Through collaboration, we ensure that each participant contributes their unique expertise to the farming process.

Traditional Knowledge Preservation

Many refugees and immigrants come from agrarian backgrounds with deep-rooted traditional farming practices. At Chula, we recognize the value of this knowledge and work to preserve and integrate it into modern farming techniques, fostering a rich cultural exchange.

Community Engagement

Beyond farming, Chula serves as a platform for community engagement and interaction. We organize workshops, events, and educational programs to facilitate dialogue and understanding between different cultural groups, promoting social cohesion and mutual respect.

Our Products

From organic vegetables to specialty herbs, fruits, and ready-to-eat foods, Chula offers a diverse range of high-quality agricultural products. Each item is grown sustainably and harvested with care, reflecting our collaborative farming partners' combined expertise and dedication.

To participate in Chula's collaborative farming program, immigrants and refugees must prioritize sourcing from local farmers as much as possible to support regional agriculture and reduce environmental impact.

Chula's team offers comprehensive support to our farming partners, including:


We conduct research to identify market trends, consumer preferences, and opportunities for product innovation.


Our experts assist with obtaining necessary licenses and certifications to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.


We provide branding and marketing support to help collaborators to differentiate their products and build a strong brand identity.

Product Launch

From packaging design to distribution logistics, we successfully help bring products to the market.

Join Us

Whether you're a local farmer looking to expand your network or a refugee/immigrant eager to share your farming knowledge, we invite you to join the Chula community. We can build a more inclusive, sustainable, and interconnected food system.

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